Kerbl. Competence for your animal.

Company History.

Isidor Kerbl
Albert Kerbl
Ulli Kerbl
Everything started in a small farm in Felizenzell in 1962. Albert Kerbl´s father, Isidor Kerbl, was an expert in helping cows during risk births. His tool: an HK-calving aid. This tool was to be the cornerstone of an unprecedented business success.

In 1967 Albert Kerbl recognised the enormous market potential of this calving aid and secured his rights for sales.

1984 the Albert Kerbl GmbH was founded with five staff members. Thanks to a clear vision, market knowledge and with incomparable quickness products have been developed and markets captured.

Within more than 35 years of doing business Albert Kerbl GmbH has succeeded in establishing itself in its branch as the most important partner of agriculture. To consolidate the achieved and to win new markets were and will be the guide lines of Albert Kerbl GmbH.

Ulli Kerbl, the next Kerbl generation to serve this tradition, is already taking part in the positive development of the company as managing director and product manager for farm supply.

Milestones in the Kerbl Group

The strategic emphasis on investing more in the entity's own products and using them to expand the range played a significant role in the company's rapid growth. Alongside this, the constant expansion of sales markets through the establishment of country-specific subsidiaries also had an extremely positive effect.

From wholesale to manufacturing

From Bavaria into the world

Founding of Albert Kerbl GmbH
Joint Venture with CANEXPOL Sp. zo.o
Founding of our subsidiary Kerbl France
Acquisition of AKO Agrartechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Acquisition of GAKU Landgeräte Handels GmbH
Joint Venture with STUHA a.s.
Acquisition of company Leitner (Maxi Pet)
Market leader for pet supply in Austria
GAKU and MaxiPet merge to Kerbl Austria
Lubacell – Battery production in Poland
Setting up of joint manufacturing ventures in China
New logistics centre in Ampfing
New building headquarter Kerbl Austria
Extension of logistics centre in Ampfing
Founding of our subsidiary Kerbl East in Poland
Cooperation with GEA Group
Cooperation with AESCULAP division clippers
Acquisition of Rheintechnik
Acquisition of BUCAS
Acquisition of Rutland