Chainsaw Oil H Viscano

  • high-performance mineral chain oil with special bonding additive suitable for all makes of power saws
  • ideal full lubrication in summer and winter, even under difficult conditions – even when sawing hardwood thanks to high power reserves
  • lubricating additives ensure extremely low chain and rail wear
  • Viscosity at 40 °C: 100 mm²/s
Ref. no.ContentsPUPallet
298605 L / Canister1/4128 PAL
Technical dataViscosity at 40 °C / ASTM D 7042Density at 15 ° C / DIN EN ISO 12185Pourpoint / DIN ISO 3016Flash point / EN ISO 2592
29860100 mm²/s0.89 g/cm³<= -21 °C> 200 °C