Competence for your animal

As a producer and wholesaler, the Kerbl Group offers you a uniquely wide, efficient and up-to-date range of accessories for animal breeding and husbandry. We are a family business led by the owner Albert Kerbl, who guarantees with his name that we are a reliable partner.
Our roots lie in animal husbandry and it is our constant aim to make your daily work as a farmer, breeder and animal lover easier with new solutions and innovations. We can already look back on more than 50 years of success and since the founding of Albert Kerbl GmbH in 1984, we have developed into a "global player" with foresight, market knowledge and high innovative strength.
Kerbl took over the brand Rutland at the beginning of January 2020. Rutland is since more than 45 years one of the market leaders for electric fencing in the UK and well known far beyond its borders. Thereby we combine the extensive experience of Rutland with the competence of Kerbl as a producer of product ranges such as animal breeding, stable and yard supplies, hobby farming, equestrian sports and pets for the UK market.

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Teaserbild Modulare Kälberbox mit Kalb
Flexible and species-appropriate calf housing
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SmartCoop barn automation and chickens
SmartCoop - barn automation for hobby farmers
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Teaserbild Komfort im Stall
Comfort in the shed
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Teaserbild Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Kälber
Supplementary feed - for healthy calves
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Calfs in stable playing with a hay ball
Occupational material for happy calves
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Teaser Bild für Arbeitsschutzhandschuhe
Protect your hands with the right work gloves
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teaser image with a woman brushing a horse for brand MagicBrush
The new brand for horse care - MagicBrush
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Teaser image hippomed horse inhalators
Inhalation for horses - for respiratory diseases
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