Revolutionizing Livestock Protection: Rutland Introduces the UK's First App-Controlled Electric Fence

The ESD 12000 Smart Energiser enables users to control electric fencing using a mobile app.

A farmer controls his ESD 12000 Smart Energiser electric fence  device using an app on his mobile phone
In an innovative leap forward for agricultural technology, Rutland Electric Fencing has unveiled a groundbreaking solution aimed at revolutionizing livestock management across the United Kingdom. The company's latest product, the ESD 12000 Smart Energiser, stands as the nation's first mobile app-operated electric fence energiser, providing farmers and livestock owners unprecedented control and monitoring capabilities.
This state-of-the-art device allows users to operate and monitor their electric fences in real-time from any location worldwide. Thanks to its direct cloud connectivity, the ESD 12000 Smart Energiser ensures that users are promptly informed about any interruptions or breaches in their fences, thereby significantly reducing response times and potential losses.

Hugh Burnham, a Rutland product specialist, highlighted the Smart Energiser's unique features, emphasizing its ability to send immediate notifications to users' mobile devices. These alerts cover a range of critical issues, including power drops, battery malfunctions, and device errors. "This enables users to act immediately to protect their livestock, which reduces time and any potential losses," Burnham explained.
What sets the Smart Energiser apart is its exclusive operation via a mobile app, eliminating the need for additional control boxes or remotes that other products on the market require. Furthermore, its compatibility with LTE or NB-IoT connections allows for reliable operation even in areas with poor mobile signal strength, making it an ideal choice for hill farms and remote locations.
Hugh Burnham, an employee of Kerbl UK Limited
Hugh Burnham