Safe handling of two-component adhesives

Diisocyanates under REACH

REACH is the European regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. It came into force in 2007 and replaced the previous EU chemical regulatory framework.

On 4 February 2020, the REACH Committee (established under REACH and made up of representatives from Member States and the EU Commission) voted in favor of the European Commission's proposal for a REACH restriction on diisocyanates. The restriction was published on August 4, 2020 and will apply after a transition period of 3 years from August 24, 2023.

The regulation mainly focuses on respiratory and skin allergic reactions potentially caused by diisocyanates.

Diisocyanates are a group of chemicals found in paints, inks, varnishes, coatings, and adhesives, among others. These chemicals are also found in polyurethane hoof care adhesives.

Correct application of adhesives with diisocyanates

Two-component adhesives such as Technobase 2CB or Technovit-2-Bond contain the chemical components mentioned above, which belong to the group of diisocyanates.

From the above date "24. August 2023" a professional or commercial user of two-component adhesives or sealants in the European Union must have a PU certificate. This regulation is mandatory for anyone working with products that have a total concentration of monomer diisocyanate greater than 0.1%. This means that the users of our products (Technobase 2CB and Technovit-2-Bond) must also undergo training in order to receive this certificate.

E-learning as a simple and uncomplicated solution to obtain a PU certificate

With the certificate to be acquired, the European Union wants to ensure that everyone knows what they are working with and how to use these products sustainably and safely.

ISOPA, an association of manufacturers in the European Union, has set up an online (paid) training course. This course covers the general application of all types of urethane products. After the approximately 30-minute training course, you can take an online test immediately afterwards in order to receive the certificate.

The following link provides direct access to the training relevant to the Kerbl products:
PU training is to be updated every five years. This ensures that users are always up to date on the correct application of polyurethane foams, PU sealants and PU wood glues. This protects them from potential risks in everyday work. An important note: The employer is responsible for this and has the obligation to prove that the employees concerned have been trained.
We wish you every success in answering the questions and look forward to making a contribution to the safe use of two-component adhesives of the Technovit-2-Bond and Technobase 2CB brands with this information.
If more information on the whole topic is of interest, we recommend the following website.