Guide for CSV import / export

1. Import

2. How to create the CSV file

Create a chart in Excel (or a comparable program) with the following columns:
Column 1: QUANTITY quantity
Column 2: ITEM_NO item number
Column 3: VARIANT_NO variant number
Column 4: START start
Column 5: END end number
Attention: The columns have to be in this order.
EXCEL Anleitung
As soon as you filled the file with data, save it as CSV (Comma-Separated Values).

1.2 CSV file upload

Click the button "Import".
Button import
Now you can define a different separation value if needed. Choose and upload a file.
Then click on "Import".
Now the file is checked. 

lf the data is correct, the products are now shown in the basket.

Mistakes can be changed directly in the upcoming table.

Please notice the hints marked in red.
Import Error
As soon as the data is correctet you can check it again by a click at "Import".
lf you don't want to correct the false data you can import only the correct columns by clicking at "Import only checked".

Hint: check the csv-fi/e again and make sure it fulfil s the criteria of paragraph 1. 1. 

2. Export

lf you want to expert your current basket as a csv file, you have to click on "Export".
Button export
Choose a separation value.
Basket export
With a click on "Export CSV" or "Export Excel" the file starts to download.

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