Wall Bracket for Disposable Gloves

  • made from high-quality polished stainless steel
  • easy to clean, hygienic and easy to disinfect, rust-free even under damp or corrosive conditions
  • flexible retaining spring for a firm, non-slip hold on all standard dispenser boxes
  • also suitable for special sizes such as extra-long gloves thanks to the open design on the right-hand side
  • for disposable glove boxes, cosmetic tissue boxes, tissue boxes
  • practical organiser in surgeries, hospitals, beauty salons, catering, food industry, canteen kitchens, laboratories and workshops
  • horizontal or vertical wall mounting possible
  • Supplied in protective film
  • incl. screws and dowels

15344: the triple wall bracket offers space for 3 different types or size of glove

Ref. no.DescriptionWidthDepthHeightPUPallet
153391-pce24.6 cm10.5 cm13.6 cm1/8192 PAL
153443-pce24.6 cm10.5 cm40.3 cm1/696 PALNEW